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Silent Hill Dressing Room -- reduced fat dressing!
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Silent Hill dressing room-style roleplay.
Nutrition information.
Ever thought, "Wow, I sure wish I had more Silent Hill characters to make mine interact with"? Wanted to try out a new character before applying somewhere? Wished you could play your kawaii SH5 OC Ai-chan, Alex's long-lost half-Japanese daughter with psychic powers, without having SH fans laugh at you? I still will Just wanted to have a more relaxed Silent Hill RP environment?

This is the place! Any characters are welcome, as long as it's Silent Hill. This includes characters straight from canon, from roleplay worlds, AU, genderbent, Silent Hill OCs--pretty much anything! Want to play James, the cake-loving fairy inhabitant of Kumbaya Town? MAKE IT HAPPEN. Just join with your character journals and start posting!
No artificial preservatives.
Yes, they exist.

Warning for slowpoke.jpeg fags: THIS COMM MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Also, we're open to SH5, so if you're avoiding info on that ~*~BEWARE~*~.
Please keep posts IC. OOC goes in fandom comms and wtfever. And no posting of memes or Quizilla results or comment stats or what the fuck ever, IC or not. It's dumb. And I'll delete your post.
No godmodding, although that's a given everywhere. I don't care if you're rping the goddamn Incubator or Samael itself, no smiting without mun permission.
Please don't post with personal journals, even if you're posting IC. Make a separate journal for each version of each character.
Just in case I have to hold your hand through this whole process: HAVE FUN. Feel free to have little plots or deus ex machinae or whatever you want to accomplish this.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to contact the mod using the information below. Please remember that this comm is pretty open to anything, so if you're just going to complain about how Eddie going on hunger strike is OOC or you don't like someone's AU world just go embarrass yourself at RPS. Note that I'm actually not very scary, DON'T BE AFRAID TO CONTACT ME

LJ: bossfight
AIM: super hitsuyou
e-mail: Nevermind don't e-mail me.
New look, same taste.
Want to be on this list? Contact the mod, or ask here!

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